Jess Fitz closes out her trilogy of singles with the excellent ‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’.

Jess Fitz has been a consistent highlight in 2020. Looking back, her debut single ‘I’m Fine’ is the perfect title for a time where the outside didn’t try and kill you, and ‘Saturday Night’ was a follow up that still remains one of the catchiest songs of the year. Now with her new single ‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’, she closes out what has been an excellent trilogy of tracks. Like, Lord of the Rings quality.

While it contains a lot of elements we heard on previous singles, ‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’ is Jess Fitz’s biggest single to date. Its chorus is an explosion of sound that brings warbling synths with mammoth walls of bass and guitar, backing up Jess’s vocals that always sound larger-than-life. The verses keep the high tempo going, storming the airwaves with all sorts of horns and riffs to create a collision of noise that sounds glorious.

‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’ is a proper banger and a fantastic way for Jess Fitz to close out what has been a great year for her. Looking forward to hearing what she does next.

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