‘Undertow’ is the debut single from Jon Reynolds & The Aches. This is the project of Jon Reynolds and Ben Cramer, two Nashville artists who decided to come together to write some good shit. I love the story behind the song – as Jon openly admits he simply didn’t want to come across as a “piss poor co-writer” after a particular writing session turned rubbish. With that kind of honesty, I am very open to hearing more from this exciting new act.

With groovy basslines, snappy drums and an overwhelming sense of happiness, ‘Undertow’ is a track that introduces the world to an artist who’s perfectly happy to becoming your latest earworm. Jon’s vocals float easily amongst the instrumental, and lead the way in allowing the track to blossom into a very well-crafted sound. It’s complete with a wondrous collaboration of instruments, all built with the purpose to expand upon a catchy intro and once again, bury it’s sound deep into your brain.

‘Undertow’ is an excellent track from Jon Reynolds & The Aches, and an even better way to say hello.

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