Lauran Hibberd teams up with Lydia Night of The Regrettes on new single ‘How Am I Still Alive?’. Written about how mundane life can be, it does a great job summing up the last year of our lives and marks the return of doing things again (hopefully) with an explosive, anthemic sound.

As to be expected from Lauran’s music, ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ brings hard-hitting guitars loaded with riffs to the forefront, blowing you away with another dazzling display of NOISE. Deep within the riffs are a rhythm section that stay on brand with the Slacker Pop vibes. Skating with a groove that could lead easily into previous single ‘Boy Bye’.

The vocals deliver a larger-than-life performance as they fall into place amongst the sludge. As lyrics recall the bleakness of the day-to-day, the combination of Lauran and Lydia’s contributions adds a certain spice to the track to keep things fresh. Something that’s tipped over the edge by the inclusion of Michael Cera references. “It’s a good day for being sad” I believe he said in Arrested Development, but NOT TODAY.

Despite the grey cloud over the lyrics, this new single is a real hit of energy. Lydia Night’s cameo fits right in and deepens the Michael Cera lore, and it features yet another Lauran Hibberd chorus to shout out at a gig. ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ is great, and I’m really glad to have Lauran Hibberd back again. With new EP Goober set for release in July, it’s only fitting to have the Isle of Wight artist return for when living can become fun again.

Despite its gloomy topic, ‘How Am I Still Alive?’ is a real burst of energy. The collaboration with Lydia Night works really well, and it just sounds like an absolute blast. It arrives at a time where we’re on the cusp of being able to make the most of life again, and I cannot wait to be hearing this live in a sweaty venue enjoy sometime soon. With her new EP Goober set to be released in July, I think 2021 could be a massive year for Lauran Hibberd.


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