Lauren Strange is becoming quite the regular on Sounds Good these days. The singer-songwriter burst onto the eardrums back towards the tailend of 2017 with her storming EP Salt, and I’ve been a fan ever since. This time around we had a little chinwag! where we talk about her latest EP, Shake and crisps, a savoury snack. It’s exciting, you should be excited, I’m excited, SO BE EXCITED. Enjoy.

Hey Lauren Strange, how are you doing? I’m doing great! Thanks for getting in touch!

Since we last spoke you had just recently released your EP, Salt. Many months later, are you still happy with the way it has turned out? Yes, I’m super proud of how it turned out! My friends and bandmates (namely Tony Smith & Adam Reszenski) put hours & hours of extra work into it (on top of recording their instrumental parts) and it shows. I’m very proud of the songs and production, and I think that our recording Salt as a band provided a lot of valuable learning opportunities for us as a creative team.

But also within this time between chats you’ve also dropped a NEW EP in the form of Shake. What can you tell us about it? I think SHAKE our strongest work as a group by far. We recorded all the vocals, instruments, mixed the tracks, did editing tweaks, mastered the final recordings, and Tony did the layout and design of the artwork & packaging, etc. We’ve also updated and upgraded a significant amount of our musical and recording gear since we tracked Salt.

Does Shake offer a new direction in sound for yourself? How does it differ from its predecessor? SHAKE is a heavier, darker record than Salt. It also features Jacob Gann on synths and keys, and this is the first record I’ve released with any synths or electronic instruments on it.

Was it intended to form a modern day pairing of Salt & Shake? I believe it used to be a famous brand of crisps here in the UK. What’s your favourite flavour of crisps? (Or chips in your land) It wasn’t intended, but believe me – the guys love to joke about it, haha. We all feel and sometimes act like a bunch of dads (even though none of us are), and we love to dad-joke. Tons of people have asked if my next EP will be titled “R” to make the final pairing Salt SHAKE R. You’ll just have stay tuned to find out…

My fav flavor of chips would probably have to be salt & vinegar kettle chips. I recently had some pepperoncini kettle chips that were also delicious.

What can we expect to see you doing throughout the rest of 2018? I’ve got a bunch of new songs that we’re working on right now, and I think you can expect another longer EP release later this year! These new songs are more along the lines of the musical style of songs on SHAKE, but they are probably even heavier.

We have a big show coming up with Robyn Hitchcock at Pat Sansone (Wilco) and many other artists on August 2nd at Mercy Lounge in Nashville that we are excited about! It’s sponsored by Please Vote Nashville and #IVoted, and admission is free with a photo of yourself outside your local polling place.

Event link:

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Creative pursuits are a marathon, not a sprint. And if you’re an artist you create because something inside you says you have to, not because you always want to at the end of a long day. It’s work, regardless of how much you love it and are satisfied by it. If you want to be a songwriter, treat it like a job and work on something having to do with your career every day, even if you only have the time or energy to do one small thing. Lots of small things can lead to big things! Never give up! 


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