Last week marked the beginning of the sweetest relationship I’ve ever had through music reviewing. I checked out ‘why do I hate summer so much’, the first single from Lejon Brames and it was so good it became last week’s SOTW. Since then Lejon Brames’ Thomas Little and I have been trading tweets of sincere love and support and it’s lovely, super lovely. Okay, listen close is the debut solo EP from the Dazy Crown man and that too is super lovely also.

Comprised of three songs, okay, listen close is an EP that keeps it’s charm brief. ‘why do I hate summer so much’ kicks off the record with that familiar sense of summery goodness which soon follows into the pessimistically titled ‘this road is a lot busier than my last one’. Lyrics of sadness and confessions of having just a handful of friends are projected against another upbeat instrumental that misleads the listener into believing that everything’s okay.

‘I hope they have eddie vedder up in heaven’ closes out the EP with a slow-paced lullaby of a tune dedicated to the Pearl Jam frontman. Hazy, sunny guitars scatter themselves amongst the airwaves like sand travelling in the wind while Thomas’ vocals add a touch of waves to the mix. It’s a mellow little song that’s perfect for bringing an end to what has been a very entertaining listen.

Okay, listen close is a wonderful EP from Lejon Brames. Despite boasting just three tracks it does a great job at producing a very fulfilling listening experience as well as some very original song titles. Nice work Lejon, love you buddy.

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