‘Best Face’ is the debut single from Lina Kay, a singer-songwriter who looks to kick off a career as someone who offers something with a little more depth than immediate hooks and sparkles. Speaking of the single, Lina says “Best Face embodies the unfortunate realization of self-destructive mannerisms. A lot of us have a tendency to want what we can’t have, and this song is a plea to cling on to our toxic habits, even though they’re positively illogical”.

This sense of unease seems to shrine through here. ‘Best Face’ features an instrumental filled with space, lots of time to judge (whether rationally or harshly) whether it’s able to proceed. I love the smoky atmosphere it builds thanks to synthesisers that seem to bubble and bloom around the bass and the stark drums. Lina’s vocals lead the way and deliver a performance that takes full advantage of the minimalist sound and embeds itself in it.

Lina Kay has introduced herself in a big way here. ‘Best Face’ is a great track and is one that offers layers of sound rather than your traditional Pop tune. I love the inclusion of the distorted vocals and synths that seem to grow stronger as the track goes on, and the whole thing just interests me from start to finish.


  1. […] Last month we were treated to the introduction of Lina Kay, a singer-songwriter who’s responsible for ‘Best Face’. Not only was it a good reminder to remember to always stay pretty, but it was a debut single that came with a hint of assurance that made it seem as if Lina had been around for years. I really liked it, and am very happy to have Lina back as an interview guest. […]

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