Hi everybody, this is Adam. Welcome to Liner Notes. This is a series that tends to rear its head when I feel like talking about certain milestones, events or whatever feelings I’m feeling at the time. This is actually the first Liner Notes post of the year, and also the first time I’ve written anything in about two weeks. Because of the current pandemic and never-ending lockdown, as well as the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I decided to take it easy for a bit. Although creating the hottest AC series on Instagram is anything but “taking it easy”. There’s been all sorts going on, and I’m sure you’ve noticed the new look to the blog, so I feel like now’s the right time to chat.

Let’s talk about the new look. There was no reasoning behind it other than redirecting some productivity that was initially intended for writing. Thank you, brain, for that. What do you think? I feel it’s kept the organisation of the old template but improved its sleekness (that sounded proper wank – I think it looks nice.). There’s also going to be new templates for the Instagram profile too. New layouts that’ll brighten things and not steep it in too much pale/minty green colour. Yay!

This makeover should help bring a new vibe to Sounds Good, one that I think will fit with a lot of the other incredible events it’s had this year. For the first time ever there are other people contributing to the blog, which still blows my mind. KC & Alice are both excellent writers and it’s great to have them on board, especially as there are probably so many other bigger/better blogs and websites that they could’ve turned to. 2000 of you recently decided to follow us on Twitter and I believe we’re close to hitting 1000 on Instagram too. Again, this blows my mind. Genuinely. Blown pieces of mind all over the floor.

I’d like to extend a warm hug from a social distance and say thank you for allowing these events to become a reality. Sounds Good begun with the sole purpose of celebrating music, so it’s great to have so many of you to celebrate it with. Weirdly though, that’s partly why I took a break and also what I’d like to talk about too.

Don’t get me wrong, this pandemic is a proper bastard. It’s taken loved ones from families, disrupted livelihoods and dismantled a lifestyle we thought could never be compromised in this modern age. However, one thing it’s provided me with is a shift in perspective. I used to dedicate a ridiculous amount of time on writing and uploading content consistently, much to the detriment of life itself. Most of the time it was because I didn’t want to miss any deadlines or because I wanted to stop a particular person chasing me for updates every other day. Most of the time, it wasn’t because I simply wanted to.

That wasn’t what I went into blogging for. It was all about celebrating music as a hobby. I was doing everything like it was a full time job, completely stripping away the notion that this was just for fun. So that’s why I’ll be spending more of that time with loved ones and reconnecting with people, while making sure that writing and maintaining Sounds Good can be a hobby again.

Gosh, I remember these posts always used to drag. I do apologise, but every now and then I feel it’s good to offer something different. How are you doing in this time of lockdown? Do let me know. Seriously, send me a DM. Sounds Good will go back to good music and good vibes now. Wash your hands! Stay indoors! See you around/never!


  1. Good for you Adam in your decision to scaling back. I so agree with your sentiment “I was doing everything like it was a full time job, completely stripping away the notion that this was just for fun.” I know you’ve seen some of my tweets expressing my anguish and anxieties about being overwhelmed by requests and submissions for reviews. Like you, I love listening to and writing about music, but thanks to our way with words, so many have ended up taking advantage of us along the way. I truly do love helping to give indie artists (who I know struggle daily to get their music heard in a ridiculously overcrowded field) some needed press and promotion, but a sizable number have come to think of me as their personal – and free – promoter. While many of them shower me with praise, I also can’t help but feel used. Like you stated, I’ve also neglected many activities I love like reading, watching movies, doing puzzles and spending more time outside.

    I really would like to just review music of my own choosing, and have tried giving those signals in the past, but always end up relenting when artists or PR reps reach out to me for reviews. Being quarantined at home, I’ve been able to crank out more reviews lately, but once I go back to work, I won’t be able to continue at this pace. A part of me is envious of those bloggers who can put out 3, 4, 5 or more posts a day, but I have to wonder if they have anything else going on in their lives? Good for them, but it needn’t be a contest.

    • Hey Jeff, thanks very much. You nailed it on the head with feeling used by people. One thing that started to play on my mind was how some people would strike up a conversation as a way to bypass the emails & fast track their new single to my attention. Like, I understand that because of how oversaturated and insane it is for artists to be heard, but it started to mess with me that I couldn’t even have a CONVERSATION with people without hearing about their new release coming out soon.

      I hope you’re keeping chill and will be able to do the things you enjoy as well as writing for EML. And no, I’ve no idea how people can bosh out five posts a day!

      • OMG, yes, this same exact thing happened to me recently with an artist, who after a few back and forths, asked me to review his album – which has already had multiple reviews!

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