Hey everybody, haven’t done one of these in a while. Liner Notes used to be a regular thing but eventually fell victim to the fact that I don’t really do a lot outside of music blogging. Pretty sure there’s a draft lying around that literally talks about a cool tree I saw once. Exhilarating stuff, I know.

Just letting you know that I’ll be on holiday for the next two weeks, so Sounds Good will be taking it easy. I was debating the idea of writing a whole bunch of features in advance but sometimes it’s good to just take a break. With that said, apologies of those of you who’ve sent submissions recently. The number of emails the blog receives daily has increased, so things are getting a little more hectic but hey, that’s a good thing. So, that means things will be a little quiet for the rest of the month. As a way of giving props however, here’s a list of blogs to check out who do this way better than I:

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Sounds Good will return for the first week of June, alongside a new look & way things are done. Instagram posts will be scheduled; ICYMI posts will be a thing…how exciting. We’re gonna get adult with this blog. As you can probably tell I do love a good reboot but reckon the new logos and banners look dead good so will stick around for a long, long time. Infact, have a glimpse at the new logo:

Sexy, right?

Actually, Liner Notes was a way for me to discuss how I felt the blog was doing and highlighting certain parts so let’s do that. Personally, Sounds Good has been flourishing. We’re improving in numbers on the social media accounts, the Good Sounds Playlist is gaining more attention and generally the blog is getting more popular by the day. It’s immense, though this is why I’ve sought out improving the communication of posts by looking into scheduling Instagram posts and ICYMI posts and stuff like that. Gotta keep improving, innit?

I’ve also decided to stay inactive on SubmitHub as despite its monetary advantages, it sure made being a music blogger a chore. Nothing against the platform, but it does force you to prioritise time restraints and deadlines over artists, which to me is a backwards way of operating a music blog. Since going inactive, the blog has experienced brilliant opportunities like interviewing the likes of Em Hoggett who brought her powerful life experience to the blog, plus working alongside Mind Therapy to help provide an outlet for those dealing with Mental Health issues. In my eyes, I’d rather earn less money to promote those things than earn more in exchange for half-arsed, rushed reviews.

I also wanted to briefly mention something that happened on Twitter that caused a bit of a ruffled feathers effect to certain music blogs. Without diving too into details or naming names, I provided an opinion on a blog’s rules that went against what they believed, and it turned into a whole thing. Personally, I feel that music bloggers should support each other, but not as a mandatory thing. We shouldn’t blindly agree with everything a music blogger says or does, but rather support the bits we do enjoy while also providing feedback on the bits we don’t. We can’t go through life thinking everything we’re doing is perfect, so we shouldn’t go through it disregarding any opinions that dispute that.

But yeah, that’s about it really. To bring this post back to its point – Sounds Good will be taking a break for the rest of May, returning in June with a new logo, banner and a (hopefully) newly rejuvenated dude behind it.  I hope the rest of the month is good to you, and that I come back to an inbox that isn’t horrendous. Anyway, take it easy! See you all in June. Bye bye, love you. Xoxox – Adam


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