‘Green Jade’ is the new single from singer-songwriter Lisabel, and the first taste of what to expect from her upcoming debut album set for release in 2019. Oddly enough we featured an interview with Lisabel this time last year off the back of a review of her Home Live Sessions at the start of the month. It has certainly been a blossoming connection since, so I’m stoked to be premiering her new single today. You can also check out a brand new interview we’ve had a little further below too.Magic!

‘Green Jade’ music video

With hints of Jazz and RnB, Lisabel tickles the fancy with ‘Green Jade’. Sparks of twinkling piano chords kick off an instrumental that’s smooth in execution, delivering a dose of warbling guitar sin the background in amongst it’s smoked atmosphere. Lisabel’s vocals seem to meander through the layers, casting a spell of harmony that seems to sink into the instrumental effortlessly. I really dig it, and love the collision of instruments that help ramp up the tension of the track before blooming with a glorious finale.

Lisabel has certainly left a mark and ‘GreenJade’ is a wonderful tune. It gives off a real composed vibe which makes meexcited to hear more in (hopefully) the very near future. Thank you once againto Lisabel for allowing me to premiere this beauty!

Hey Lisabel, how’s it going? Hi Adam, I’m very good thanks, how are you? (I am all good, thank you!)

It’s been nearly a year since we last worked together for your Home Live Session video. How has the last year been for you? What have you been up to? This past year has been very creative and fulfilling, I managed to do a lot of the things I planned and I can’t wait to share them with everyone. I’ve been recording a lot of music which will come out next year!

You have just released your new single ‘Green Jade’. What can you tell us about it? A few years ago I was gifted a necklace that had a green Jade pendant on it. The Jade is one of the birthstones of those who are born in August which is my birth month so I started reading about its properties and meaning. I was so fascinated by it and started developing a passion for crystals.

In that same period I started a relationship with a very special and inspiring person so the combination of the discovery of crystals and the new encounter inspired me to write ‘Green Jade’, a song that speaks about protection through a powerful and ancient stone but also through love, loyalty and trust.

It’s the first taste of music to come from your upcoming debut album. Can you reveal any details about the record? The album will have 15 songs, they are all pretty different in terms of sound and style but there’s a strong theme in the storytelling that’s developing throughout. I don’t want to give away too much, there’s still a bit of a wait before the album will be out. A few singles will come out before then!

You mentioned in our last interview that you had a strong vision for the record’s sound. Has that vision been put to tape or has it changed slightly in the recording sessions? The vision has definitely stayed, of course some smaller details have changed, adapting to circumstances and to growth. I’ve been writing this material for years now, I purposely took my time so that I could grow inside the songs and understand exactly how I wanted them to sound. I also tried to arrange as much of the instruments as I could even poorly if recorded but at least I had a strong idea to pass on to the musicians, who have been incredible at giving a real voice to the music. The album’s producer and photographer Nikola Kovačević has also participated in a lot of the album’s creation and process.

Can we expect to hear another single from you soon? Yes, early next year… Soon enough I hope 🙂

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Thanks for giving me an outlet to speak in more detail about ‘Green Jade’. I hope people will find a connection to the song the way I connected to crystals and their soothing energy.

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