Lohrd Snohw returns with new single ‘Split Lip’. Having made a mark on the tag team division alongside Kate Brunotts with ‘Call Me Deadly’ last month, our Lohrdship returns to her singular venture with Brunotts looking on as producer. She’s like the Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero’s of the music world. This new single mystifies as smoothly as a classic Eddie Guerrero armdrag and hits harder than a Sweet Chin Music from The Heartbreak Kid.

There are so many layers to ‘Split Lip’ that dive far deeper than its minimalistic sound. Lohrd Snohw gets away with the littlest of percussion, acting as subtle snaps into the next reality as well as some texture to hold on to. The industrial drone of the synths cuts through the silence and adds tension to the already unnerving atmosphere. It confuses as much as it intrigues, and revels in its weird.

The vocals flit between pitch-shifted and dual-layered throughout, bringing a holier-than-thou voice that only adds to the confusion. This is art-pop pushed to the extremes, which we’ve come to expect and enjoy from Lohrd Snohw.

Despite how mechanical and off-kilter it sounds, ‘Split Lip’ holds some emotion inside its lyrics. Detailing the struggle of overanalysing yourself and pondering how much thinking could become self-sabotage, the use of the split lip as imagery is excellent. It brings a touch of humanity to the track and tethers all these illusive elements together to create another memorable track from Lohrd Snohw. I could easily see this song in Netflix’s ‘Dark’. It’s weird and wonderful. All hail.

Artwork by Manny Jean (@tinygoldhands)

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