Moongirl is the debut EP from Lunar Femmes, an electronic duo who not only love their synthesisers but also love coming up with awesome titles for their band and their music. Seriously. There’s one thing I love about music and that’s when every element of a particular release just sounds so good, and this sounds so good.

The duo immediately show off their fancy for all things sparkly and celestial as the fittingly-titled ‘Launch’ kicks off the EP with a wondrous performance. Synthesisers wash the airwaves with a canvas of atmosphere, floating endlessly between flits and glitches of electronic sounds akin to a space station out in the eternal world of space. It’s rich, it’s lush, it’s gorgeous. (Note: make sure to one day get described as that)

Once the world has been constructed, Lunar Femmes head into a more accessible avenue with the title track. It’s effortlessly catchy beat sounds straight from the 80s and immediately turns Moongirl from a spacious wonder into a being filled with groove and vibrancy. It’s glorious.

Lunar Femmes have proper knocked me for six with this EP. Moongirl is a wonderful collection of sounds that absolutely transcends any usual listening experience into one full of twists and turns. I love the mix of ambient sounds with immediate, accessible grooves and once again, it just sounds so good.


  1. […] Back in June we featured Moongirl, the debut EP from electronic duo Lunar Femmes. I really liked it, and what I found refreshing about featuring this particular release is the sense of openness that came with it. It’s an EP that broadly expanded the horizons with wondrous instrumentals throughout and as well as that, both members of Lunar Femmes are transgender and completely open about it. The Music industry is built up of numerous levels of creativity from individuals from all walks of life, so it should be celebrated that it features artists who are helping turn the tide of what’s currently considered a “social taboo”. […]

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