‘Don’t Keep Me Awake’ is the debut single from newcomers LYRAS. The five-piece from Newcastle had all sorts planned for their first year in music before everything went to shit, so they’ve readjusted and launched a single that introduces the world to their sound in a big way.

Pairing elements of Jazz together with Pop, ‘Don’t Keep Me Awake’ is a song that allures as much as it strikes with hooks. Written about a hook-up intended for casual purposes only, it blends humour into the lyrics that really adds to its playful nature. Lines such as “Don’t keep me awake / I just want to sleep” and “I’m not saying I want you to leave / I’m just a little bored out of my mind” are probably thoughts we’ve all had (My thoughts relating more to wanting sleep than anything else), so it’s quite refreshing to hear them said aloud.

The instrumental offers an assured listen that’s an absolute dream to listen to. Piano keys fill the room with a confident, laid-back air. Performing rhythms that sink into the mind without too much effort. It fits in perfectly with the story-telling vocals of Ada Francis, and really comes into its own once the guitars arrive. Melodies bounce against the drums to transform this smooth number into a pure Pop tune, immediately flooding the ears with hooks upon hooks and sweetened further by exuberant horns. It’s incredible. LYRAS have introduced themselves strongly with this catchy, hilarious tune and I’m excited to hear more.

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