When was the last time you had any fun when you had to do what you were told? In between the inconsistent shit shows of ‘advice’, ‘guidance’, ‘tiers’ and ‘bubbles’ – we haven’t exactly known what rules we really had to follow this year. So allow Marie Naffah and her blissfully light new track ‘Gabriel’ be your official guide to going against the grain.

Marie’s latest offering is a rebellious tweak to the soulful soft jazz we know and love from her. Her lyrics create a painfully honest picture in an ode to the serendipity of meeting someone, and the beauty of speaking to someone you’ve just met. Most signs in life will point you to staying close to what you know, and certainly not to find solace in strangers, but in the yearning words of ‘Can’t believe I’m right here, left here and nowhere // Guess I’m glad I crossed your mind‘ we’re more inclined than ever to confide in the people we think we know the least.

Naffah’s piano work is, of course, flawless. Very little else is needed between these three minutes of comforting and stark story telling other than Marie’s voice and the way she spins a tale. It almost acts as a glowing little remedy to being able to sit next to someone without worrying about the consequences – and in this warm envelope of sound, it’s easy to forget that you ever felt lonely at all.

‘Gabriel’ is a bold, stand alone single that serves as an evocative prelude to Marie’s forthcoming EP that we’ll be graced with in 2021. It’s another example of her raw, real and brave music: a song that’s as heavenly as the title suggests.

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