Mawpit kick off their career with the explosive ‘Nature’s Curse’.

Mawpit are a trio from Cardiff and this is their debut single ‘Nature’s Curse’. Written about the Australian wildfires from the perspective of Mother Nature herself, this single is an ambitious yet powerful way of introducing yourself to the world.

Venomous lyrics spit questions such as “Why do you burn me down? Why do you slay all of my children, feast on my friends?”, delivering a direct attack that stands out from the equally angry instrumentation. Massive guitar riffs fill the room, backed up by thunderous drums that really do a good job of illustrating just how pissed off Mother Nature is (and rightly so).

‘Nature’s Curse’ is a great song by Mawpit. It’s a bold middle finger against the evil in the world and offers a fresh take on a heavy topic that makes me excited to hear how they handle other topics in future.

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