Newcastle-based Jayne Dent, also known as Me Lost Me, has once again graced us with a new track. It’s called ‘Walking’, and it’s from her forthcoming album The Good Noise.

This track emanates spooky, ready-for-Halloween vibes without interfering with Dent’s signature experimental music style. As I listen to it, my mind automatically drifts to Haruki Murakami’s memoir, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. It talks about constantly moving and the elation one can feel as they do so.

‘Walking’ generally talks about the idea of healing and exploring one’s mental health. It effectively creates an illusion of nighttime and empty streets where people can boundlessly traverse into their souls.

With her hypnotic vocals, field recordings, and ambient sounds, Dent (along with her producer Calum Howard) has created a timeless, musical masterpiece that can definitely become a classic.

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