Fresh off the release of debut EP Overcoming Shyness comes ‘Dirty Knees’, the new single from London outfit Medium Love. Written with a reflective mind, the song details Kacey Underwood’s time growing up in Joshua Tree and even utilises a noise he used to express emotions he couldn’t put into words. It’s a wistful listen full of sentiment but comes with an instrumental only focused on moving forward.

With scuzzy guitars and melodies perfect for all coming of age moments, ‘Dirty Knees’ is a superb way to scuff those jeans. Kacey’s time in Joshua Tree is well documented by the dual male/female vocals that lazily hook the lyrics into the ears, and the guitars have a gritty edge to them from years of exposure to the hot sun. They sound great, and the way they’re paired with energetic drums really get the track pumping.

‘Dirty Knees’ is a song I’d love to have soundtrack important moments of my life. It’s full of nostalgia but doesn’t seem bogged down by it. Instead it uses its experiences to channel a forward-thinking sound that knocks down any hesitation and runs straight towards the next adventure.

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