Moon By Moon are a fourpiece from Baltimore and this is their debut EP Moon By Moon. I’d love to live moon by moon. Imagine just getting to hop between moons and hang out for a bit? That’s awesome. How did we all feel about the discovery of running water on Mars? Mad, right?

Anyway, these guys are influenced by the likes of The Microphones, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Shins so we should expect a bit of a fuzzy, lo-fi quality to their music, and my goodness do we get that. From the overblown chords of ‘Apple of My Eye’ we’re treated to a band who aren’t afraid to mix harmonies and melodies in with seriously distorted guitars. ‘Bonnie’s Bubble’ follows with an equally crunchy instrumental paired up with a synthesiser riff that sounds almost sweet in execution. Kind of like a Jack Russel – sure it’s small, yappy and overly bitey but there’s something cute about it.

Lead single ‘Baltimore’ is a wondrous teenage anthem that would’ve fitted in the Juno soundtrack – female vocals depicting simple lyrical confessions of having sore feet, and wanting to lie down and die. It cuts a solid contrast against the instrumental which features twinkling keys that try their best to add a touch of positivity to the mix. But it’s the big finale that really sets the track off as crashing drums begin to bellow and guitars let loose with thunderous riffs to create something that just sounds so satisfyingly good.

Moon By Moon is a wonderful EP. Moon By Moon have produced something that fulfils the quota of catchy tracks (‘Baltimore’, ‘Lies’) while also ensuring there’s some depth thrown all over too. This is a very promising debut from an act that leaves me excited to hear more.

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