Moon Panda are a four-piece based in Brighton and this is their debut single ‘Rabbit’. I proper love Rabbits me. I think they’re so cute and fluffy and reckon they’re the best kind of animal to have roaming around the world. Birds are okay but they haven’t got shit on Rabbits, which is ironic considering they literally shit on everything else.

‘Rabbit’ is a track that shines off of it’s subtle grooves. It’s intro is built up of the rhythm section laying down a sound your hips are gonna enjoy, while slyly bringing subdued guitars into the mix. Not only does this add a bit of depth, but it also builds the overall cool vibe the song seems to exhume forever. The forever breathy vocals are controlled and lead proceedings nicely, and the whole thing is just an absolute blast to listen to.

I’m excited to hear more from Moon Panda. ‘Rabbit’ showcases a band who seem well prepared in creating some interesting, groovy instrumentals and that appeals to me very much indeed. Nice work.


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