The news has almost become white noise these days, hasn’t it? Everyday there’s something new to worry about, and with being so connected there’s no escape from it. It’s a constant stream of negativity that’s often left ignored. Newcomers Morning Arcade have decided to be proactive and release their debut single ‘Cold Shoulders’, which discusses the impact of environmental damage and how we’re all responsible to make a change.

‘Cold Shoulders’ is a loaded topic delivered in a daydream. Its intro features synthesisers that swirl through the ears, with delicate keys performing little melodies in the foreground. Immediately it catches us in its gaze, letting loose with a section complete with a rigid beat and sombre guitars. The vocals float amongst the layers, blanketing the instrumental with a dreamy sound that further enhances the dreariness of the song. It really shines brightest once that chorus hits. A glorious flurry of cymbals, guitars and synths come together to produce a sound worthy of being awestruck by. It’s a dream.

To be bold to tackle a big issue and deliver it like this is something I admire about Morning Arcade. This debut single hits hard, but in a way that doesn’t lean too hard on the subject, but rather creates a performance that warrants your full attention. I’m looking forward to being transported into another atmosphere by these guys again.

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