It always warms my heart when given the opportunity to premiere something, and I will always have a soft spot for them. However, I have never had the chance to premiere a new release from a Bear before, so this is cool. Please Listen Responsibly is the new EP from Mr E Bear, a genuine Bear who resides in a cave in Scotland. I had no idea the caves in Scotland were so technologically advanced.

Please Listen Responsibly is a three track EP that on first impressions is one of the most upbeat EPs I’ve heard all year. Opening track ‘Comin Up’ is a wonderful collision of acoustic, electric and snappy drums that produces an immediately catchy instrumental, and Mr E Bear’s vocals lay down all manner of hooks to really ramp up the accessibility factor. ‘Perfect By Design’ follows with a more drawn-out approach, allowing the acoustic chords to take centre stage against warm basslines and snappy drums once again. This is where I have to reference Mr E Bear’s glorious Scottish twang to his voice which really shines through here.

‘Oot Fur Dayz’ closes out the EP with a heartfelt goodbye, offering one final dose of anthemic drumbeats against sombre acoustic chords and Mr E Bear’s vocals which deliver one of the more emotive performances on the EP. It’s awesome. Please Listen Responsibly is a great EP, and I wish to hear from this Bear again soon.

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