We’re really experiencing the resurgence of the newsletter. There’s no easier way to get up to date information on the music industry, the newest releases, and who’s music you should be checking out, than getting it straight to your inbox. It’s the modern day version of reading the newspaper over breakfast, and allows us for a brief reprieve of the hell-scape social media has become over the course of this barbaric and brutal year.

Zelig West

Mark Ronson founded Zelig West has started dropping a weekly SMS update, not technically a newsletter, but we’ll allow it. Sign up on the Zelig West website to receive a weekly YouTube playlist full of their latest releases, or tailored by a Zelig signed artist, like King Princess.

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Music Journalism Insider

A necessity for everyone in the tough world of music journalism, tougher than ever in the current climate. Music Journalism Insider covers news, jobs listing and interviews with artists and prominent journalists – required reading for everyone finding their feet in this world.

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Drowned in Sound

One of the most formative sites for many music journalists – I fondly look back on writing my pieces for Drowned in Sound before the website closed. However it’s made a glorious return in 2020 in newsletter form, a little weekly digest consisting of personal recommendations from DiS founder Sean Adams, reflections on the last 20 years of music, alongside some archive pieces, playlists, and recommended reading!

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NME Newsletter

It may be two and a half years since it ended its print version, but NME are still pumping out great interviews and music news all the time. Every Friday, get ‘the Big Read’ straight to your inbox, featuring banging photography and an in depth interview, as well as a whole host of other articles to catch up on.

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Deep Cuts

One for those interested in music promotion, strategies and the things behind the track. Deep Cuts is a fortnightly newsletter that will look at some of the best music campaigns, share interesting articles and provide a bunch of free resources.

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Described as ‘Curated sights and sounds for your inbox’, Haven collates a great chunk of the latest videos for you to watch, new artists to meet and a playlist for you to listen to. Not the worst way to kick off a Monday. Find out more here.

Official Charts

It’s not all about the Top 40 – the Official Charts newsletter contains a bunch of information on every #NewMusicFriday, as well as lots of bizarre charts facts – that’s what keeps me subscribed. Plus the albums chart is more fun than ever these days, with the way we consume music shaping these statistics. We’ve just see Queen facing off against Blackpink for the number 1 album, and that’s one of the tamer chart races of recent times!

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Media Beans

Whether you’re after a job in this industry or something media related as a whole, Media Beans is more important than ever in ignoring Government advice to retrain. Media and the arts will be here for a long time, as proven by this incredible weekly digest of the latest openings, apprenticeships, trainee schemes and more.

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