Toronto’s Nickie Minshall releases her debut single ‘Watch Your Step’. Breaking out into a solo career, this song details the emotions that come with starting anew.

Nickie Minshall began her music career as part of UKAE, an indie band that experienced quite an evolution over its lifetime. Now as a solo artist, Nickie is looking towards a new chapter in her life. ‘Watch Your Step’ is a song that illustrates a mental wrestling match between doing what you should do against what you want to do. Strap on those boots, head for the top rope and aim for the pin. 1, 2, 3! Ding ding ding! We have a winner.

Unlike the larger-than-life world of wrestling, ‘Watch Your Step’ is a song that offers a more grounded approach. The instrumental is subdued in spite of its many elements.  Muted guitars contribute melodies instead of full chords. Drums that are full of life seem to be heard from far away, and the synthesisers are steeped in a heavy dose of reverb. This stilted formula allows for the intricacies to be heard, perfectly illustrating the anxiety that comes with a new beginning, making for a great listen. It also means Nickie’s vocals can rightfully take the leading role, and she produces a performance that certainly delivers.

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