Night Owls are a trio from Leeds and this is their new EP Tragically Human. These guys perform a kind of Grunge music that comes with a big old slice of Pop, creating something that strikes a hard contrast of all the moody guitar music that came out of the 90s. It’s polarising to throw on an oversized jumper and head straight to the dancefloor, but I dig it.

This sound is introduced straight away as opening track ‘Better with Age’ sets off on a high-tempo crash into the ears with a heavy set of synths and drums that really aggressively wish to make you dance. It’s rough-edged, but a glorious collision of angry sounds determined to cut some shapes. I paid ten quid to get into this club, I’m gonna fucking dance tonight.

‘Do You Want It All?’ offers more of an Indie sound, with the synths stepping aside during the verses to allow the guitars to lay down some grooves but it’s in the choruses that the track truly shines. The two instruments come together to form a chorus that pounds at the head and aims for the feet, whereas ‘Nothing’ omits the synths entirely to deliver a Grunge song that could have easily held up alongside the greats of the 90s.

Tragically Human is a great EP from Night Owls. I love the progression of it, coming in hot with ‘Better With Age’ and steadily mellowing out the tempo to allow songs such as the title track and ‘Keeper’ to properly shine. It makes for satisfying listening, and yeah, I’m into Night Owls now.

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