Finnish-Italian electropop wonders, NOOA, make their return with a highly addictive ode to isolation and outsiderness on ‘Wanderer’. The band – consisting of Noora Salmi, Mikko Patama, Petri Kytö, and Ranieri Scoccia – have delivered an out-and-out pop banger that combines slick, forward-thinking production with irresistible pop melodies, and at Sounds Good we are 100% here for it.

At the heart of the track are Salmi’s lyrics, which she says speak of “being an outsider, a feeling we all share to some extent, and this idea of always having to be more or have more in order to belong or to be accepted“. At a time where pretty much every one of us has found themselves questioning our place in the world, and perhaps realising how much we take for granted in ‘normal’ times, one can’t help but relate to the concept that maybe a shared sense of outsiderness is what ultimately unites us.

Regardless, the one certainty here is that ‘Wanderer’ is great. NOOA have said that the song marks a new beginning for the band, and this shines through in the urgency as it unfolds. If you’re a fan of shimmering synths, sci-fi aesthetics, the 1980s, or pretty much any pop music from the last 40 years, then there’s something for you here. Tantalisingly, it promises to be the first of many more releases from the band too, so be sure to follow NOOA on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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