NOPRISM are back with new single and certified BOP ‘Pantherbeat’. The Newcastle duo has received heaps of praise over their debut year. Appearing on shows such as Made In Chelsea and perhaps even more impressive, championed by Simon LeBon HIMSELF. I mean, if the dude responsible for ‘Girls On Film’ digs it, it must be good.

From first impressions it’s easy to see why they’re garnering so much buzz. ‘Pantherbeat’ revels in its knowledge of the 80s and uses it to create a sound that celebrates the decade but drives you firmly into the future. The sheer ferocity of the drums alone can have you travelling through time. The synthesiser beats crackle with nostalgia but are absolutely RELENTLESS when it comes to launching beats at you. It is a beast of a disco and fits right in on a dancefloor designed to terrify you into dancing.

“Your heart stops, your body shakes” damn right, it does. ‘Pantherbeat’ is one of the most enthralling listens I’ve had in a while. It is bold, passionate in its desire to make you groove, and a riot of a song. I could get lost in its cascades of synths forever. What a tune.

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