NZCA Lines delivers the goods on the excellent Pure Luxury.

NZCA Lines is the project of Michael Lovett. The multi-instrumentalist and producer is responsible for some of my favourite singles of the year, culminating in an unbelievable dose of anticipation for his new album, Pure Luxury. I’ve been hooked since the release of the title track back in April and have continued to be impressed by the singles that followed too. Fortunately, Pure Luxury has absolutely been worth the wait.

I described ‘Pure Luxury’ as “Imagine getting five packs of Skittles and shoving them all in your mouth at once.” and despite how sickly that sounds, the song still tastes as good as it did upon first listen. The layers of harmony that swirl among the synthesisers continue to flow from ear to ear, creating this sound that melts the mind. This formula is one NCZA Lines sticks to throughout the record, resulting in some of the most accessible songs of the year.

‘Real Good Time’ aims for the hips with its stomping groove while the lyrics offer an insightful, fearful take on chemicals and overpopulation. As a society, we’re content with sticking plasters over the real issues rather than fixing them properly. This is illustrated well on the song and is also projected throughout the album too.

‘For Your Love’ slows down the pace but still offers an instrumental rich with weeping strings, vast, emotive harmonies and the ever-present basslines. I love the pairing of the strings against the frenetic drums which leads so nicely into the rawer, subdued energy of ‘Take This Apart’. 

Pure Luxury is a fantastic album. NZCA Lines has managed to exceed expectations that were already set highly by the singles. It’s an album that succeeds in bringing the good vibes to the ears and the hips, but also comes with a lot of depth that’ll make me return to it constantly.

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