Every now and then an artist appears with a song that’s so good I wish I knew about them already. Well, today’s the greatest day for discovery. Why? Because ‘I Want You Around’ is the new single from Oh800, and I really wish I knew about them already. This trio are set to drop their debut album Character Building in October and holy baloney you bet I’m gonna be excited to hear that.

This wondrous groove-machine comes in strong with an intro that could be mistaken for an LCD Soundsystem cut, and even more so when the vocals come in. Pulsating basslines fit in with snappy drums and the occasional scream of sound from guitars, somehow concocting an instrumental that’s endlessly funky, and one of the best uses of “sacked it off” I’ve heard in recent times.

What really makes ‘I Want You Around’ stand out is the introduction of synths that seems to occur over the course of it’s timeframe. The fairly standard Post-Punk sound steadily begins to flitter with the odd synth here and there, before suddenly competing against the rhythm section and eventually spilling over into the spotlight. What was once a rough-edged, dance number becomes a mellowed strut through space, and it’s awesome.

Post-Punk seems to be blossoming this year, and Oh800 are another name to throw into the ever-expanding list of reasons why you should listen to Post-Punk some more. ‘I Want You Around’ is a near five minute experience from a bustling, guitar-driven groove into an exploration worthy of it’s own space mission. It’s exciting, it’s original, it’s damn good.


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