After years of mixing and producing tracks for various artists, Ormiston launches his own career with the scintillating grooves of ‘Rebel’. This debut single tackles the issues of a passionate relationship bringing out the best and worst of two individuals, throwing the thoughts of both onto the dancefloor. I wish my arguments sounded this good.

Coastal beach tones mixed with Indie-Pop creates one of the sunniest instrumentals of the year. ‘Rebel’ glides through the airwaves with a smooth set of beats that warms the soul and grabs your attention. Its care-free attitude is backed up by ongoing admissions and guilt within the lyrics, bringing an acceptance of the past and a desire to do better in future. It’s quite a healthy way to look at things, and Ormiston moves onto his next chapter with some serious rhythms, man.

‘Rebel’ is a blast and a definite song for the summer. It promises a good time while also showing a serious side, making it a really well-rounded debut. Cannot wait to hear where Ormiston goes from here.


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