2018 has certainly been the year of Patawawa. Since the release of their glorious debut EP Bedroom back in January, the trio from Derbyshire have performed at numerous festivals, toured all over the world and worked with the likes of Dopla and French Horn Rebellion. Proper good stuff. ‘Wires’ is the newest and final single of the year, and it definitely ends things on a high note.

‘Wires’ comes prepared with all the grooves, upbeat tempo and female vocals that made ‘Patagonia’ one of my personal highlights of the year. It’s slightly muddied production gives it a proper club vibe, as if you’re watching the band perform live right in front of you. I love the little hints of crashing cymbals that can be heard through the jangly synth beats and the fuzzy basslines, and that cameo of horns halfway through? Brilliant.

This is another reason why Patawawa deserve all this success. ‘Wires’ is like a concise little unit of groove that absolutely needs to be deployed, and the result is a sound that immediately puts a smile on your face. What a great year it’s been for the trio, and what a great trio it’s been for the ears.

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