Peach Luffe is the project of Jong Lee and this is his new EP Shimmer. It takes a lot of guts to pursue your dreams, as often it comes with a lot of tough choices. Jong has certainly experienced this as his desire to focus on music caused him to move to Canada in order to do so. Shimmer details this journey, showcasing a musician’s struggle with isolation, heartbreak and even the self-doubt of whether it was worth doing. Well, Jong, from how good this EP is, it certainly was my dude.

‘Fairytale’ kicks off the EP with its dream-like intro. Jong’s vocals, soft acoustic tones and wandering melodies explore the airwaves before allowing the rest of the instruments to come along. The song blooms with an idyllic section that greatly expands the atmosphere and swallows you up in its wondrous clouds, setting sail for what’s to be a great listen.

The bluesy sounds of ‘True Blue’ slows down the pace as Jong’s vocals bring the harmonies to the ears. I get Weezer vibes from the chorus and love the intricate strings that weep in the background. I wasn’t expecting to hear strings, but they make another appearance on ‘Rollercoaster’. The pairing of them with a poppier drum beat really works and sets the song off on another level full of energy and groovy basslines.  

Shimmer looks to put a twist on those emotions and focus on the silver lining of it all. As much as it is steeped in sadness and hesitation, it also brings some of the most uplifting sounds around. For as much as it was to get to this point, finally reaching the destination warrants a celebration, and that is exactly what Peach Luffe does here. Shimmer is a wonderful listen, and a real testament to reaching for those dreams.

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