Music is a powerful tool and is something that can celebrate the highs and comfort the lows we all go through in our lives. It’s got this wonderful ability to bring people together and soundtrack particular events that become deeply embedded in our minds as significant moments. Pilkington is the result of a chaotic rollercoaster of a journey for the band, who started together in 2018 before distancing apart. Soon, the same set of individuals began creating music as two different bands, before finally merging together to become Pilkington. For as much as this is a debut album, it’s also a celebration of togetherness, and one that should be celebrated highly.

Hailing from the same home as Hop Along, Ratboys and Swearin’, the sound of Pilkington is something to be expected from that area. ‘Imposter Syndrome’ kicks off the record with a flittering set of scuzzy, fuzzy guitars and melodies that immediately stick in your head. It is quick to build up energy and even quicker to let loose with a mammoth-sounding chorus, launching back into the lead melody to ensure the record grabs your attention.

Variation is high on Pilkington, making sure to keep things engaging without stopping by at the same stops too long. The slower-paced ‘These Feeling’ blips with subtle electronics in the percussion, mellowing the guitars to bring some larger-than-life chords into the mix. I love the vocal-led intro to ‘Rowhome’ before it launches into an instrumental that strolls in the sunshine, complete with wandering basslines. It really helps keep you guessing with what’s coming next, enabling this record to constantly surprise you with each direction it takes.

Pilkington is a fantastic album. For what has essentially been the product of many years of waiting, it’s an album that relishes the chance to be heard. For what was mentioned earlier about music soundtracking significant moments, this is an album that provides moments that’ll be remembered for a long time.

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