Following in the stride of debut ‘Running Shoes’ comes ‘Folds’, the newest single from London’s Pushpin. With a description of “MIKA meets Post-Punk” and influences such as MGMT and Fiona Apple, this has all the ingredients to sound reallllll nice. Rather than sucking too hard on its lollypop, this twisted individual eats the thing whole. Including the stick. MADMAN.

‘Folds’ brings two vastly different styles and violently smashes them together to form a cohesive ball of noise that sounds so good. An instrumental built with samples of pots and pans, microwaves and the fuzziest of guitars glazes the airwaves with a rough texture that batters the eardrums. This is all led wonderfully by the vocals, which emits flurries of mantras and chants that seep into every hook possible.

It makes for interesting listening. The vocals should be complimented by an equally flitting sound but is paired with a totally different contrast, yet it works so WELL. That’s what makes it so good. Pushpin have succeeded in making themselves stand out with ‘Folds’. It’s weird and, strangely, uplifting? I don’t know, but I like it.

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