After releasing MEN, a 100-track album in 2013 (111 songs to be exact), Cardiff-based band Quiet Marauder is back with a less intimidating and more manageable EP called Tiny Men Parts. It consists of nine re-imagined tracks from the previous album, veering away from their usual lo-fi style and their bedroom production. As you listen to Tiny Men Parts, you’ll realise that Quiet Marauder has finally embraced the classic rock genre, which they have been dabbling in for a while now.

Any person who has been a long-time fan is already aware of how they wrap their lyrical commentary about toxic masculinity, gender inequality and other social issues into a bright, fun, and bop sound.

As new fans listen to the EP’s first track, ‘The Business Deal’, they will immediately be sold on how funky and rocky the Quiet Marauder can be. I believe it’s safe to say that Tiny Men Parts is a good preamble for new fans before they dig deep into the Quiet Marauder’s older discography.

Quiet Marauder recorded Tiny Men Parts in Rat Trap Studios with the help of equally talented people such as Tom Rees, Tom Truckell, and Ed Truckell. They were very much satisfied with how this record turned out as they were able to channel both their fun side and their rock-and-roll side at the same time. The EP’s eight songs were a banger! They were all amazing feel-good music, etched with deep conversations about dark human behaviours.

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