Philadelphia power-pop group Riverby released their first studio album titled Smart Mouth on July 10th and it’s nothing short of incredible. Song writer Sophie Greenberg blends introspection with vigor in this ultra dreamy record, demonstrating that honesty is punk and delicacy is a guttural roar. 

The record opens up with ‘Nose to Nose’, a familiar tale of prospective connection, anticipation of touch, and the strenuous task of being present in the moment. 

I’m nose to nose with myself again. How do I get out of my head?” 

I first heard this tune at a local show months before the official release, and ever since it’s been on my list of songs I sing to myself when I’m in my feelings. I cannot get enough. 

The album continues to pull at the heart strings with songs like Out of Tune standing out in particular as a haunting confessional. “You said that I am out of tune, but I can’t sing in your key.” The harmonies are intertwined with subtle, romantic guitar tones, revealing the tragedy of two people on different space lines.  

I was able to pick Greenberg’s brain about creativity and inspiration during times of isolation.

“My writing process was always fuelled by taking myself outside of my immediate resting area and being in new environments to help inspire me, which hasn’t been able to be the case these last few months. I’ve been trying to make friends with lesser known areas of my house and my yard just to give me something new to look at.”

The songwriter recently filmed a quarantined music video for the albums title song ‘Smart Mouth’ that they hope to release soon.

I could write endlessly about how much I love this record. Give Smart Mouth a listen and see how it shines.

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