Oxford-born singer-songwriter Rosie Shaw continues to master her delicate sound on her debut EP Sometime Soon, which is probably the best new release I’ve heard recently. Rosie’s stripped-back style notes influence from the likes of Bon Iver and Phoebe Bridgers, coalescing into impressive bedroom pop that has potential to position Rosie on the radar as one to watch. 

Where production is minimal, featuring soft acoustic guitar riffs and dreamy, soaring melody, it is led by Rosie’s beautifully distinct vocals. Opener ‘Temporary Love’ is the most uplifting track of the EP, and introduces us to Rosie’s carefully crafted sonic landscape. The eponymous ‘Sometime Soon’ wrestles with the anguish of unrequited love, leading into ‘3:55’ which is much more introspective and addresses Rosie’s own issues with “playing hard to get with [herself]”. 

‘Summer Doesn’t Feel The Same’ is reminiscent of The Japanese House, with layered, reverb-drenched vocals alone carrying the track. Paired with Rosie’s heartfelt songwriting, it is a gut-wrenching end to a spectacular collection of songs. I really, really love this EP. I think it’s brilliant, and I’ll be eagerly anticipating whatever Rosie has in store for us next. 

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