Saint Agnes are certainly not one for wasting time. The productive bees had a prolific 2020, releasing the excellent The Family Strange. The EP is one I really wish I discovered sooner, as it certainly fit the impending doom vibe I had for a lot of the year. Just recently they announced their next project – mini-album Vampire – alongside ‘Repent’, a new single that ensures that more high quality Saint Agnes material is coming in 2021.

‘Repent’ is a hellish release of fury that really helps release some of the frustrations of the last year. As to be expected from Saint Agnes, it’s delivered at a blistering pace and let loose with ragged guitars that knock you out cold. It’s story of a fallen angel looking to bring retribution towards those who’ve been getting away with doing bad shit for ages and given the timing of its release with regards to a certain impeached president (or ex-president, should I say), I can feel the satisfaction that comes with hearing REVENGE IS JUSTIFIED chanted over and over again.

Honestly, Saint Agnes can do no wrong. ‘Repent’ is a tune that hits hard and drags you down to the depths of hell. The instrumental is chaotic, and the vocals are demonic in the best way. I cannot get enough.

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