Sam and Sounds releases new single ‘Cloud 9’. The third single from Surrey-based artist is an uplifting listen bound to make you have a good time.

Sam and Sounds has been making waves this year. With his first two singles generating quite a bit of buzz and attention, the Surrey-based artist has followed them up brilliantly with new single ‘Cloud 9’. Written about the experience of online trolls, ‘Cloud 9’ is a song that defies the nasties with a bold middle finger and a mindset that only looks forward.

‘Cloud 9’ is a massive-sounding song full of Indie goodness. Sam’s vocals acknowledge trolls but immediate follows up with notions of not giving a hoot about them, choosing to focus on having a good time instead. Its bright and vibrant instrumental projects these good vibes, using its fast-paced energy to bring us all up to cloud nine.

This song makes me wish to be at a festival again. While I’m sporting the same farmer’s tan and fear of using the toilet, ‘Cloud 9’ is giving me the summery vibes that will surely last all summer. Sam and Sounds continues to deliver the goods, and I cannot wait to hear what’s next from him.

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