Sometimes I will receive a submission in the ol’ inbox and end up completely obsessed with an artist. This is one of those times, and I’m not afraid to talk about how obsessed I’ve become. Seramic has just released his new song ‘Strange Magic’, and over the course of the weekend I’ve been proper digging his discography. Both his EPs are superb and yep, I’m proper fangirling.

‘Strange Magic’ is another solid hit from Seramic. Kicking off with some futuristic vibes and an intro with a ton of space to it, things seem to get into the swing of things ever so slightly. Ominous synths, a walking bassline, Seramic’s soulful vocals and fingersnaps produce something that leaves an element of intrigue to proceedings, but then the drums kick in and suddenly everything falls into place. It’s just like magic.

From what started off as an experimental playground has turned into one of the sexiest songs of the year. The off-kilter grooves shine with the addition of drums, and the vocals become more direct and deliver some lyrics that might mean a cold shower is needed too. I love the combination of the traditional RnB sound and the futuristic glitches, and the sax solo towards the end…my goodness me. What a tune.


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