Silver Wilson dazzled the ears with their latest single ‘Let You Go’ back in March, and now they’ve back with an interview! In amongst the conversation we chat about the band’s formation, if they’re planning to release something new soon and all sorts of other shit too! Exciting! Enjoy.

Hey Silver Wilson, how are you doing? Great thanks! We’ve been very busy writing and gigging and getting ready for summer!

Firstly, could you tell us the story of the band’s formation and how you ended up choosing that name?  We originally formed from a previous band as we wanted to head in a different direction musically. We spent a good 6 months writing all sorts of songs, and trying to home in on what really fitted our writing style. Then I guess we had a fair few tune that made us really look forward to getting them into a live set!

Last time we spoke, you had just released the video to your latest single ‘Let You Go’. It seems to detail a night out with people dancing and having fun, but is there a deeper meaning behind it? Yeah, well ‘Let You Go’ is a song with two meaning, the song is initially about letting part of yourself go and then the other meaning is letter someone else go. As a band when writing the track we all could related to what we all wanted to get across which just help us all connect as a band when we play it live on stage.

In terms of music, should we expect to hear more from you soon? You’ve only released singles so far. Can we expect to hear an EP in future? Yes! We have a single coming out at the end of June which we can’t wait to share with you! It’s a total summer banger and will get everyone dancing at festivals, in the car, and in the shower! We can’t wait to get share it with everyone.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Tricky question! I guess keep an eye on our socials for new releases and exciting news! We hope you all have a great summer,

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