Social Contract Releases Foottaping Kink Epigram

Hyping up their sophomore album debut this March, Social Contract releases new single “Waterside Mews” on January 13th.

On first listen, I was mesmerized by the punchy bassline which acts as the sustaining backbone of Waterside Mews.  The lyrics are a unique demon in and of themselves, bearing graphic imagery.

There’s a figure bound to a tree by the mews Ropes tie wrists
Naked body in a noose
Cold to touch with a blue upper lip
You tore down the soul
Wrapped a tissue round the rips

When one thinks, lynching, especially given our current political climate, our heads go to racial justice issues. Yet, Eggerton is not talking about an act of violence committed through hatred, but rather a self-inflicted end birthed out of debauchery. This is only made explicit by a stanza positioned toward the end of the track:

What will the town come to think
Of the private life of a desperate kink
I see this was a desire to be
Vulnerable in a state of ecstasy

Although the men of Social Contract may see the harsh criticism that committing such an act begets, they admit to feeling sympathy for a man who only wanted to be enthralled by his own pursuit of happiness.

Social Contract,  formed in South London is comprised of Arun Starkey, Bisque Wemyss (drums), Frank Cartwright, Josh Eggerton (vocals/guitar). Amidst hunting for housing in London, Joshua Eggerton (vocals/guitar) and Scott Roach (lead guitar) initially united in 2017. Upon acknowledging their mutual love of music, they began writing songs that depicted the deficiencies in our society. The band gained traction as they performed live shows regularly in London, notably acquiring popular indie-band JAWS as the headliner for their late 2017 tour. The band places their compositions in the realms of post-rock, post-punk, and psychedelia with a taste of metal.

This is not the first time these lads grazed taboo topics with poignant cynicism. Sequentially, one of my favorite ballads of theirs is, “Hoist Their Heads” off their 2019 EP Common Tongue, which criticizes the banal city atmosphere society is consumed by and because of capitalistic endeavors.

You ask why I hate this city
Well the walls are caving in while they bathe in their wealth
Snakes made of iron
And a heart full of mould
Warm blooded bodies makes me shiver in cold

Social Contracts’ New EP, Buzzards Wake, will be available March 12.

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