On this day four years ago, Sounds Good was born. I remember as if it was yesterday. Looking down after an arduous struggle and seeing a beaming face staring right back. “Goo-goo, ga-ga” it said, full of innocence, spluttering its first set of noises to the world. As it wriggled into my arms for warmth, it cast a look with a gaze so strong it took me by surprise and said, “I really cannot wait to receive emails calling me by my name!”.

Oh, sweet music blog, if only you knew.

Yes, Sounds Good is four years old today. It’s been a thrill to have stuck at something for so long, especially as I’d considered binning off writing completely beforehand. I was just coming off the back of purposely allowing my second music blog to crumble into nothingness, spurred on by a dazzling combination of laziness and burnout before deciding to give it another go. I’m pretty glad I did, as Sounds Good has helped me in ways I didn’t expect.

The last twelve months had been a bit of a rollercoaster, even before COVID came and ruined everyone’s plans. Around this time last year, I lost my actually-paying-me-money job. It was totally my choice to be told by somebody else to leave and never come back. It was quite an experience, one that lasted far longer than it should’ve and left me feeling pretty meh about everything for a while. Fortunately, Sounds Good was there to support me and keep me afloat until finding a new job.

As shit as it was to live through that time, it helped me realise a few things. First, don’t go around sending emails as one day you might have to explain what you meant by “noot noot” (Pingu reference) and secondly, life is made up of stumbling our way into the next thing. All we’ve to do is stay on our feet. If I hadn’t lost that job, Sounds Good wouldn’t have become what it is now. Essentially, Pingu’s my hero.  

Thank you to everyone who’s ever gotten in touch to send over their music. As much as I dread clearing out those emails, it wouldn’t be a music blog without you guys. Thank you to everybody who has allowed me to stick around and chat utter shit about goats and lion bars. I think a big part of why Sounds Good has over a thousand reviews is because I never really had the confidence to have a social life, so thank you.

A lot of cool things happened. Sounds Good branched out into a team and now features pieces from individuals who are super good at writing, and pretty darn nice too. I’ve also noticed more music blogs arising and see more people are getting involved in the biz, which is great to see. I’m excited to see where the next year takes us.

Happy birthday Sounds Good, I owe a lot to you. Good music, good vibes, always.

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