Nice boys St. Buryan are back with new single ‘Torn Apart’. The North-East mainstays have been busy building a project this year, revolving around the final months of a relationship and its resultant break-up. While former track ‘How Could I Know?’ pondered the thoughts and feelings of those individuals, ‘Torn Apart’ provides an insight into the volatile environment that ultimate leads to those closing moments.

Much like ‘How Could I Know?’, ‘Torn Apart’ has an upbeat front that aims to hold itself together. Opening with a melody that bounces in sunshine against a solid drumbeat, it really highlights St. Buryan’s Pop-Punk influence. It sinks into the mind and becomes an addictive listen, strongly juxtaposed against the vocals. Understandably, the vocals sing lyrics that are despondent. They paint a picture of what are the remains of a once sparkling relationship, showing how desolate it has become. It’s wonderfully melancholic. Highlighted especially by the mournful harmonies that close out the track.

‘Torn Apart’ is a fascinating listen. St. Buryan continue to add more characteristics to their latest project, while maintaining the lightness that makes their music so accessible. This year has probably been their most consistent to date, and I look forward to hearing what’s next.

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