Bristol’s Sugarmoon release new single ‘Autumn Leaves’. The indie-folk act battled valiantly against the creative shackles of ol’ Rona last year, releasing debut EP The Only One and building up quite a buzz in the process. Now with this new tune they look to take their slice of lovely indie-folk into the new year. Take that, COVID! You dick.

I could get lost in ‘Autumn Leaves’ forever. It’s a mix of wholesome melodies and melancholic vocals, resulting in an easy-going instrumental loaded with gut-punching lyrics. It makes for a bittersweet listen; one I can’t help repeating it over and over.

The lyricism likens the fragility of love to leaves in Autumn and how quickly they fall apart. Sophie Jones does an excellent job singing in a deeper key. The words act like the leaves falling against the breeze, flying higher and lower as they contend and get wrapped up in the instrumental.

The instrumental is filled with joy. Pianos and horns perform upbeat melodies that meander through the wooded atmosphere with ease, backed by the softest of percussion and the brightness of acoustic strings. Honestly, I’d happily get lost in these woods forever. ‘Autumn Leaves’ is a wonderful song.

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