Eating alone in my car is the new EP from Super Thief, a four piece from Texas who appear determined to punch your face off. Personally I’ve nothing against those who eat alone in their car. In an ideal world, all of my meals would be eaten alone. But alas, company.

‘gone country’ kicks off the EP and is the reason why I believe Super Thief wanna knock your block off. It’s intro comes in strong with rolling drums and a guitar riff that sounds evil, flooding the eardrums with an unnerving but rather catchy groove. The basslines add extra texture to the mix and the vocals sound on the brink of collapse and well, it’s awesome. This collides nicely with ‘six months blind’ which also does a great job of allowing the instrumental to grow into a behemoth of various guitar and drum sounds, once again coming in with a vocal delivery that’s passionate and possibly in need of therapy. This is confirmed in ‘woodchipper’.

Super Thief have got themselves one hell of an EP here. Eating alone in my car is a thunderous, brutal listen with songs that are heavily influenced by uppercuts and implosions to deliver one of the more entertaining listens I’ve had this year. Each track almost sounds like a cry for help, but are designed in a way that makes you wish you could fall apart along with the band, especially for the near ten minute closer. It’s immense.

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