Team Picture are a six piece from Leeds and this is their new single ‘(I Want Your) Life Hack’. These guys have released a slew of singles over the last couple years and look set to finally top off the steady stream of productivity with a mini-album known as Recital on 1st June. Hype.

‘(I Want Your) Life Hack’ is a self-confessed attempt to turn a Talking Heads song into one from another dimension. Thick basslines lead the way with a fuzzy display of groovy undertones pairing up nicely with a mess of even fuzzier guitars, wondrous horns and vocals that seem to come into the ears from every direction imaginable. The way the instrumental strolls alongside the vocals despite sounding on the brink of implosion properly appeals to me, as I constantly feel on the brink of implosion too.

It’s gritty, it’s dirty, and it’s oh so good. Team Picture have got themselves a new fan in me, and I am beyond excited to hear from these guys with Recital.


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