The Hannah Barberas are a four piece and while holding a fantastic band name, they’re also set to release their new EP Go Go Hannah Barberas on 21st September. Personally, I grew up with Hannah Barbera in my life and thanks to shows such as Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Tom and Jerry and Wacky Races, I’m a very screwed up individual.

With an intro that simply wants to throw an arm around you, ‘Slow Cooked’ is a track that builds up nicely, introducing a simple, groovy rhythm section that lays the foundation for some sparkling guitars to drop a couple melodies that also stick to the light-hearted vibe. The vocals explore the layers immensely, also projecting sweet sounds along the way, and I love the use of keys in the immense finale.

‘Slow Cooked’ is a track that you cannot dislike. It’s effortlessly sweet, and comes with a couple catchy moments too. Basically, it’d be the best kind of person to hang out with.

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