The Lunar Year return with their second single ‘Backyard Deck’. The Philadelphia band blew us away with the release of their debut ‘Porcelain’ back in February, which seemed to the case for many listeners, and look set to do the same with this new follow-up. It’s another taste of music from the band’s upcoming album which looks to set for a June release date.

‘Backyard Deck’ builds upon the foundations set by it’s predecessor. While ‘Porcelain’ offered a sound akin to it’s material with isolated piano chords and pained vocals, the new single collaborates with a host of instruments – Guitars, Ukuleles and Drums – to produce an instrumental that’s well rounded in it’s desire to astound you. Frontwoman Katie Burke’s vocals still provide the same depth of emotion in her voice as it cuts through the heavier, fuzzier guitars and manages to maintain the tugging of the heartstrings that made ‘Porcelain’ so relatable.

It’s another solid hit from The Lunar Year. ‘Backyard Deck’ delivers an indie-folk vibe that succeeds very well, and does a great job at adding an accessible side to the band’s sound. While it does offer a louder instrumental, it still allows the vocals to project it’s lyrics loudly and once again head for the heartstrings. It’s a great track, and I cannot wait to hear the new album.


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