The Modern Strangers are pretty great, aren’t they? Since bursting onto the scene with the seminal ‘Coco Hello’ last year, the duo have continued to hit numerous milestones and look set to dominate the world by the end of the year. Having recently signed with BMG, they’ve just announced a debut EP on the way, and will be touring throughout the country and performing at a few festivals too. I for one welcome our new found overlords.

‘Nothing On You’ is their new single and as expected, it’s superb. Sweet, bubbling synths inject a layer of sunshine into the airwaves, while the rhythm section lay down a groove that is impossible to ignore. The guitars deliver riffs that strut alongside the rhythm, and the crunchy bass tones stick to the hips with reckless abandon. The result is a song that is ridiculously catchy, and definitely helps keeps the momentum going for The Modern Strangers.  Summer 2018 is going to have one hell of a soundtrack because of these guys.

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