Hollywood trio The Scared Crows release their debut EP Electric Suicide. It is a wildly entertaining listen, introducing and flexing the talents of a band who’ve made an instant impact.

There’s not much I look for when it comes to new music. Part of the charm of the music industry is that it can drop something spectacular from any direction. Shifting your perception of what’s good and what’s not. For me, anything that comes with a groove is alright with me. Electric Suicide is the debut EP from The Scared Crows, and it is more than alright with me.

‘IHYPD’ kicks things off with a bang. A smooth rhythm section attacks the hips as a thunderous guitar riff tears through the speakers, bringing groove to the ears immediately. Tongue in cheek lyrics wish for phones to die (one of the worst thing you could ever wish for in these modern times), projected in a falsetto that sounds devilishly innocent. It’s a cracking song. Things head further into funky town as ‘Animal’ delivers an instrumental steeped in pure 70s heaven. I love the crunch of the guitars and the way the song seems to shimmy into action. It’s also not afraid to let loose with some primal instincts, allowing licks and riffs to do their thing against the “fuck like an animal” chorus (Oh my).

‘Bad Habits’ slows down the pace a touch to do some reflecting. Its Bluesy instrumental provides serious noodling and even collaborative moments with the vocals, giving some of the best use of harmonies on Electric Suicide. This heads into the dramatic ‘Harvey Talk’ which is a song that could fit easily into any old school Police series. I love the drums that seem to pummel with intent, and the way the harmonies ring out into the atmosphere.  

Electric Suicide is a fantastic EP from The Scared Crows. As ‘Dear Moon’ closes with a sombre goodbye, it rounds off what has been a listen full of twists and turns. From the exuberant beginning to the mature ending, the EP has shown a progression that isn’t often displayed by many bands. Yet it has done it in a way that has remained enthralling throughout. This is great. One of the best EPs of the year.

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