Noisy gang TJ Roberts reflects on life with new single ‘Sinceridipity’ in the best way possible: massive guitars cranked up loud.

TJ Roberts are back with their hard to type new single ‘Sinceridipity’. Their last single ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’ made it onto the Good Sounds Playlist back in March purely because of its fuzzy noise, and this follow up is even better. It’s a song that looks back to a time where adolescence was filled with confusion as to who you are, and what it means to be “true to yourself”. For me, I had long hair that didn’t work for me AT ALL and an obsession with being as snobby as possible with music. It’s a time I never wish to look back on ever.

Much like ‘True Secret to a Happy Life’, TJ Roberts brings influences of Dinosaur Jr. and Fugazi into the fold to ensure ‘Sinceridipity’ sounds just as fuzzy and loud. The guitars are rich with distortion, but have an accessibility to them that makes everything sound summery and nice. Subtle additions of horns and synths bring some serious depth to the song, converting it from a fuzzy little dude into a mammoth of a feel-good number. It is fun, easy-going and I want it to be my best friend. What a great song.

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